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RegHunter is a real-time registry scanner and repair application designed to assist the average computer user in seeking out and repairing registry problems.


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Product Description

RegHunter is a real-time registry scanner and repair application designed to assist the average computer user in seeking out and repairing registry problems. RegHunter provides computer users with the most comprehensive registry detection and registry repair functions available, wrapped in an interface simple enough for novice PC users to master. RegHunter will not only detect existing registry errors, it will also prevent future issues that may occur down the road due to current registry structure problems.

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The Windows registry is a complex structure involving a hierarchical database that stores an abundance of configuration settings related to the internal operations of Windows itself, as well as most other installed software application components. As you use your computer, and as additional software is installed and removed, invalid registry entries are created. These invalid entries and registry errors cause Windows to take longer to perform many basic tasks, such as booting up and shutting down your PC, opening documents, playing media files, and launching common programs. Additionally, invalid registry entries can cause Windows to display cryptic error messages, and to even crash unexpectedly.

Just like the routine maintenance of a car, every computer requires frequent tune-ups to the registry to ensure the preservation of a healthy system. RegHunter keeps your PC running fast and stable by applying its advanced registry scanning algorithms to detect and then repair invalid registry entries and registry errors.

In addition to its primary registry scanning functionality, RegHunter also improves PC performance through a set of comprehensive and automated optimizations engineered to alleviate performance hindering issues. RegHunter also includes disk defragmenting functionality to keep your hard disks running fast and error free, and a registry monitoring feature to allow you (or our support technicians) to diagnose and remove malicious programs that attempt to insert themselves in Windows registry auto-start locations.

How RegHunter Can Benefit You?

  • Scan and repair your Windows registry easily: RegHunter gives users an interactive and easy-to-use interface to scan, repair errors and optimize the Windows registry for optimal performance.
  • Completely clean your PC: RegHunter includes several helpful integrated tools to cleanup your computer. These include a startup cleaner, disk defragmenter, junk/temp file cleaner, and a wide variety of system optimizers.
  • Improve the performance of your PC: Get a complete PC tune-up! RegHunter’s tools and optimizations improve hard drive, Internet connection and general PC performance.
  • Reduce system start-up times and automatically clean up start-up items: The built-in start-up manager can be used to boost system and application performance while speeding up PC start-up time.
  • Automatically backup or restore the Windows Registry: RegHunter allows you to simply and seamlessly create backups of your Windows registry. If, at any time, you experience any issues and need to restore your registry to an earlier, pristine, state, you can do so with just one click.
  • Customized FREE technical support and updates for unresolved registry issues: Setting RegHunter apart from other registry cleaners is its exclusive Registry HelpDesk. Through RegHunter’s Registry HelpDesk, you will be able to utilize an interactive support tool to communicate directly with expert PC technicians. Custom support tickets can be created to assist you with persistent registry issues specific to your computer. Support tickets will be viewed and sent back to you in a timely manner through RegHunter. If RegHunter is unable to detect and remove a registry problem, you will have the option to create a support ticket and send it to one of our highly trained PC technicians within seconds.

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